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Technology can open the world to individuals with disabilities by providing access to information, increasing productivity and creating an avenue for communication.   Through the use of assistive technology, individuals with disabilities can gain independence - an independence which can open the doors to further education or employment opportunities and a better quality of life.

While, in general, technology helps all individuals excel in the workplace, employers and rehabilitation consultants are often challenged with the complexity of evaluating, acquiring, implementing and supporting the diverse range of assistive technology available to address the needs of people with disabilities. Dell’s Assistive Technology Service (ATS) is designed to simplify and streamline the end-to-end process, enabling employers to successfully create and manage a diverse workforce.

ATS provides employers, IT departments, rehabilitation engineers and individuals impacted by disabilities with a complete solution including:

  • Single partner for evaluating, selecting and sourcing Dell hardware, software and assistive technology to support the specific needs of individuals with disabilities in the workplace
  • Dedicated Project Manager who will work with rehabilitation professionals, employees, employers and will manage the process from start to finish
  • Single purchase order for comprehensive technology solution
  • Pre-staging and testing of hardware and software  to ensure functionality
  • Scheduled, consolidated delivery and installation services
  • Ongoing training by a dedicated team to ensure that employees and specialists are trained on the assistive technology as well as best practices
  • Instructional and technical support to improve the overall work environment

Dell’s ATS, developed in collaboration with Intel, helps ensure assistive technology is easily integrated into the overall IT infrastructure of the employer, assisting businesses, state agencies, municipalities, and other public organizations as they strive to employ and support an increasingly diverse workforce.  Dell manages the end-to-end ATS process so employers can focus on creating, training and supporting all employees. That’s a winning combination that increases productivity and performance, while supporting diversity.

Computer-based assistive technology solutions

Dell has teamed up with assistive technology systems integrator Electronic Vision Access Solutions (EVAS).  Established in 1979, EVAS brings a wide range of assistive technology solutions for people who are visually, physically, hearing, or learning disabled to the ATS program. EVAS uses Dell desktop and notebook computers, powered by Intel, as the platforms for its turn-key computer-based assistive technology solutions.

Evaluating and selecting assistive technology

Dell has established a dedicated Assistive Technology Services website at The site contains information on the ATS Program and provides access to the ATS Configuration Tool, powered by EVAS. The configurator can be used to evaluate and procure assistive technology solutions to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities.

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