After over 40 years of proudly serving the disabled community through technology and related services, we are sad to share that EVAS will be closing permanently in December, 2021.

The long-term effects caused by the pandemic and worldwide chip shortage have led to this very difficult decision.

From Sara Saint Jean, CEO:
“We set the bar very high when it comes to not only high quality, integrated computers for people with disabilities but more so when it comes to the customer service and tech support that goes with each computer. Since my dad began our company in 1979, we have always put our customers and end-users first, with a “secret sauce” of knowledge, respect, care, advocacy and pride. I hope that other companies in our industry can sustain through this unprecedented time and can meet or exceed this high bar we set.”

Since 1979, we have had the pleasure of working with many state agencies that help their clients successfully graduate from college and attain and retain employment; such as the New York Commission for the Blind, Maryland Department of Rehabilitation, Delaware Division for the Visually Impaired, Alabama Department of Rehabilitation and California Department of Rehabilitation.

Since 2004, it has been our honor to work with thousands of blinded Veterans and all Veteran Affairs facilities across the United States and we are very proud of all we have done to help Veterans gain independence, go back to school or employment, write their memoirs and keep in touch with each other.

Through the years, we have worked with over 200 manufacturers and distributors worldwide to offer our customers best-in-class assistive technology, computers, application software, peripherals and accessories.

As our team members move on to other opportunities, we will adapt to available resources and do our best to provide a high level of customer service and technical support. There may be some limitations. We appreciate your patience. Please continue reading to learn more about this.

If you should have any questions, please email our CEO, Sara Saint Jean, .

All of us here at EVAS greatly appreciate your continued support and kindness and we wish everyone much success, good health and continued independence!


Information about Currently Booked Orders
Our plan is to fulfill all currently booked orders and we very much appreciate you understanding the delays we face; Computers are taking up to 3-4 months to arrive from Dell and there is no prediction as to when that timeframe may improve. As of September, we have computers arriving each week into November. It is possible that the current delays may extend into December. We will continue to keep you informed about the status of your existing orders and you are welcome to contact us to check in, as well, by calling 800-872-3827 and providing your Purchase Order number. 


Technical Support
The last day EVAS will be providing technical support for computers within their warranty period will be Friday, October 29th 2021. The last day EVAS will be providing technical support for GuideConnect will be Thursday, September 30th 2021. Please continue reading for further details.

Special Information for Veterans
After October 29th, please contact your VIST Coordinator or Blind Rehab Specialist for further guidance.
Here is a link on the Veterans Affairs website for information on Blind Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Services. 
Here is a link on the Veterans Affairs website for information on Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) Coordinators.

Special Information for State of New York Clients
After October 29th, if you were issued an EVAS computer by the Commission for the Blind, please contact your Counselor for further guidance.

Special Information for Dolphin GuideConnect Customers
The last day EVAS will be providing technical support for GuideConnect will be Thursday,
September 30th 2021. After this date, Veterans Affairs and Veterans should contact Boundless AT for any GuideConnect sales or technical support at 866-606-8551. Boundless AT will provide Veterans with Technical Support for GuideConnect, with an active Premium Plan, that EVAS sold to the VA. Click Here for a Press Release from Dolphin for more information.

Any other Customers who bought GuideConnect from EVAS and have an active Premium Plan or need to purchase upgrades should contact Irie-AT for any GuideConnect sales or technical support at 888-308-0059.

Special Information for EVAS Easy OCR Customers
The last day EVAS provided technical support for Easy OCR was Tuesday, August 31st 2021. EVAS Easy OCR is powered by Abbyy FineReader OCR Engine version 10. As of September 1st 2021, Abbyy ended their support and maintenance of this version. EVAS discontinued the sale of Easy OCR as of July 1st 2021. While Easy OCR will still function after September 1st 2021, there will no longer be any updates, upgrades or support available for it.

Information about Windows 11
Microsoft™ will be releasing its newest Operating System, Window 11, soon and will begin rolling it out gradually. Your Windows 10 computer from EVAS may display messages from Microsoft encouraging you to upgrade. Please know that Microsoft has committed to supporting Windows 10 into October 2025. Here is a link on the Microsoft website for more information about this date.
We recommend you do not immediately upgrade to Windows 11. Consider speaking with your VIST, BROS or Counselor for guidance and use Microsoft-provided tools to see if your computer is compatible with/ready for Windows 11. We also recommend you contact the company or companies that make the assistive technology you are using to see if it needs any upgrades to be compatible with Windows 11.
Here is a link on the Microsoft website for more information about Windows 11.
For currently booked orders, EVAS will continue shipping computers with Windows 10.

Information for all Customers
Dell™, the assistive technology companies, and others such as Brother from whom we purchase software/peripherals, will provide support after we have ended our technical support according to each company’s warranty/support.

On the Desktop and Programs Menu on each EVAS computer, there is an application called “EVAS Information Center”. There you can find a tab for “Serial Numbers” with a listing of any software and hardware serial numbers that EVAS installed and shipped originally as part of your order. You may also find software serial numbers within the Help or About section of each specific software program. You will need this information when you contact a manufacturer directly.

When contacting Dell for technical support, they will ask for the Dell Tag Number and Express Service Code. These numbers are on the Serial Numbers tab in the EVAS Information Center and also on the large print sticker on the outside of your computer. Dell supports the Operating System and Dell hardware that was originally purchased from EVAS. They do not support assistive technology or non-Dell peripherals.

Here is a listing of the manufacturers with whom we work most frequently and their contact information:
AbleNet Inc (large print keyboards, large print overlays)

Brother (printers, ink/toner cartridges)

Canon (scanners)

Dancing Dots (Lime Aloud, Lime Lighter, GOODFEEL)

Dell (computers, components/peripherals)

Veterans Affairs and Veterans for GuideConnect: Contact Boundless AT, 866-606-8551
All other Customers for GuideConnect: Contact Irie-AT, 888-308-0059
All other Dolphin software: Contact Dolphin directly, 866-797-5921

Duxbury Systems (Duxbury software)

Freedom Scientific/Vispero (ZoomText, JAWS, Fusion, OpenBook, PEARL cameras)

Hartgen Consultancy (J-Say, Leasey)

Hewlett Packard (printers, ink/toner cartridges)

Kensington (trackballs, device locks, keyboards)

Linksys (wireless adapters)


Logitech (web cameras, headsets, speaker sets, keyboards)

Macrium (back-up and restore software)

Microsoft Disability Answer Desk (assistance with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft programs)

Mystic Access (computer tutorials – including one for Windows 10)

Noble Locks (device locks)

Nuance (Dragon)

Sophos/HitmanPro (anti-virus software)  

Targus (laptop carry cases/backpacks)

TrippLite (surge suppressors, USB hubs, battery backups)

Western Digital (external hard drives)

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