Humanware™ SmartView™ XtendGX620 System

A video magnifier designed to empower people with macular degeneration, inoperable cataracts, diabetic retinopathy or other conditions that can steal their visual acuity and independence.

The new SmartView Xtend has been designed by asking people like you “What do you want in a video magnifier?”. Through ‘usability testing’ - an organized process of asking real users how they want SmartView Xtend to work - real world customer needs drive the vision of HumanWare’s development team.

Getting started is easy with the SmartView Xtend Base Model. It includes all the basic features you’d expect, plus a few more that customers asked for.

If you decide you want to upgrade your SmartView to include more features, you can - easily and affordably, by choosing any of the SmartView Xtend Modules.

Module One enhances the usability of the SmartView Xtend giving you even more viewing options.

Module Two is the lifestyle choice, giving you tools that make planning your day that little bit easier.

Module Three is the connectivity option. It gives you the power of being connected to a PC.

GX620 System

Always the right model – The SmartView Xtend will always be the video magnifier you want it to be because it is completely upgradeable. A basic black and white model can become a full color model and can even be upgraded to a computer access model if required.

SmartView Xtend is the most upgradeable video magnifier ever made. Even the flat screen is upgradeable – So if at any time you want to change to a new screen, it will fit with your existing SmartView Xtend.

• Height 11˝/268mm
• Width 14˝/355mm
• Depth 18˝/450mm
• Weight 27lbs/ 12.2kgs
• Operating temperature range 10 to 40°C
• Storage temperature range -20 to 60°C
• Operating humidity range 20% to 80%
• Storage humidity range 10% to 95%

Transportation Box
• Height 24˝/640mm
• Width 19˝/475mm
• Length 26˝/650mm

• Color (black & white also available)
• Field upgradeable to include advanced features and computer support.
• Auto-focus camera
• Sturdy smooth ball bearing X/Ymoveable reading table
• ISO9000 certified quality
• Maximum monitor weightsupported 66.1lbs/30kgs

Reading Table
• Dimensions 14˝ x 14˝/355mm x 355mm
• X dimension travel +/- 5.4˝/137mm
• Y dimension travel 11.4˝/290mm
• Height of reading table 2˝/50mm
• Margin stops at left and right
• Friction pad adjustments
• Working space (height) 6˝/147mmOptics
• Magnification range 15˝ display 3x to 49x
• Magnification range 17˝ display 4x to 55x
• Magnification range 19˝ display 5x to 62x
• Magnification range 21˝ display 5x to 68x

Magnification will vary depending on the size and make of monitor Illumination.

Basic Menu Choices
• Brightness adjust for both text & photo mode (also on front panel control)
• Contrast adjust for both text & photo mode
• Normal (accurate) color and enhanced color
• Language (English, US English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian)
• Output display frequency selection 60Hz or 75Hz
• Beeps on and off
• System information

Advanced Menu Choices (With supporting feature packs)
• Calculator display choices
• 12/24 Hr clock
• Lights off time setting with computer or external camera

Optional Accessories
• Flat screen support arm
• Module 1 upgrade
• Module 2 upgrade
• Module 3 upgrade

• VGA output
• TV/Composite video output
• NTSC Composite video input optional
• Computer video (VGA) input optional
• IEC input for power
• IEC output power supply to monitor
• Footswitch input
• Smart Keypad/simple remote input
• Color adjust for photo mode
• Display text when changing modes

• Light emitting diodes (LEDs)
• Typical lifetime: greater than 10,000 hours (manufacturer’s specifications)

Power Supply
• Input voltage 90-260 V AC
• Frequency 47-63Hz
• Input current 1.6 to 0.2A
• Connector IEC with separate cable
• Power usage 55W max

• Zoom (size)
• Display mode-picture or text
-Picture: full color or gray scale with black & white models
-Text: with selectable foreground/ background color combinations
• Brightness
• On/off
• Simple Remote optional
• Smart Keypad optional
• Footswitch optional

Image Choices
• Picture mode for enhanced viewing of images
• High contrast display for enhanced viewing of text
• Positive or negative image display in high contrast mode
• User selectable foreground/background color false combinations. Includes: - Black - Magenta - White - Orange - Blue - Cyan - Yellow - Grey - Green
• User selectable reduced foreground/ background color combinations. Includes: - Black - White - User preferred false color.

Standards and Approvals

Safety and Medical
• BSEN 60950-1
• BSEN 60601-1, IEC601-AS/NZS 3200.1.0

• FCC 47 Part 15:1994 Class
• CE
• BSEN55011, CISPR 11
• BSEN55022, CISPR 22
• BSEN55024, CISPR 24

• EN60601-1-2

• ISO 14971
• EN 12182


Module 1 (Optional upgrade)
Simple remote providing:
• Front panel functions
• Line markers and blinds, including size, orientation and position adjust
• Page Locator
• Preset – rapid zoom to 1 preset magnification level

Module 3 (Optional Upgrade)
Keypad and footswitch providing Module 2 functionality plus:
• Composite video or camera input
• Connects to desktop, laptop or notebook computer with VGA display output connector
• Displays computer, camera images and external video in.
• Video modes:
640 x 480 @ 60, 72, 75, 85, 90Hz
720 x 400 @ 70Hz
800 x 600 @ 50, 60, 72, 75, 85, 90Hz
1024 x 768 @ 60, 70, 75, 85Hz
1152 x 864 @ 60, 75Hz
1280 x 960 @ 60Hz
1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz

Display Selections
• Fullscreen camera
• Fullscreen computer view
• Splitscreen computer view
• Fullscreen external video

Module 2 (Optional upgrade)
Keypad providing:
• Line markers and blinds, including size, orientation and position adjust
• Page Locator
• Preset – rapid zoom to 1 preset magnification level
• Date and time display
• 4 function calculator with memory
• 5 sizes of on-screen display characters

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EVAS System


Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice and depend on availability.
Please review our price list or visit for current availability and specifications.