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Founded in 1979 by Gerald and Catherine Swerdlick, Electronic Vision Access Solutions is a family run, privately held corporation, located in Westerly, Rhode Island. EVAS specializes in the design and manufacture of Computer Access Solutions for people who are visually, physically, hearing or learning disabled. By developing the unique process of combining Assistive Technology, application software and computers, EVAS was a pioneer in the hi-tech world of Accessible Plug & Play Systems. EVAS has assisted in the development of speech synthesizers, large print software, CCTVs and other Assistive Technology and markets these products throughout the United States.

As one of its primary objectives, EVAS searches out, evaluates and acquires new and innovative Assistive Technology. It has created close working relationships with dozens of industry leaders worldwide and proudly distributes the Access Solutions manufactured by over fifty independent companies. This approach places EVAS in a strong position to design, integrate and support Accessible Computer Systems that meet the diverse needs of its Customers.

With [[ DISPLAY " " + datefrom('10/15/1979','years') + " " /DISPLAY ]] years of experience as both a user and a provider of Assistive Technology Solutions, C.E.O., Jerry Swerdlick, has implemented a mission charter with the end-user specifically in mind. Its goal is to assist people with disabilities, by creating customized, easy-to-use Plug & Play Accessible Computer Systems. EVAS Assistive Technology Solutions are tools that can be used to gain independence - an independence, which can open the doors to further education or employment opportunities and a better quality of life.

EVAS monitors and controls the manufacturing of its baseline computer systems, thus avoiding the incompatibilities that can occur when off-the-shelf systems are used. EVAS Dell Xtra Series Systems are manufactured using industry leading high-quality components and are UL-rated, FCC-approved and EPA Energy Star-compliant.

EVAS Dell Xtra Series Computers are fully functioning plug & play systems that run right out of the box with all Assistive Technology, application software and peripherals installed and configured.

EVAS' senior staff, with over sixty years of experience in microcomputers, programming, Assistive Technology and their inter-relationships, has been drawn from both the academic and corporate worlds. Its qualified staff stands ready to assist in all aspects of the design and support of Assistive Technology Solutions. EVAS System Engineers are Dell, Microsoftt, HP and A+ certified.

EVAS has a long history of fulfilling the needs of individuals, businesses and state and federal agencies for Accessible Computer Systems. Its staff of experienced consultants can design a total solution, creating fully integrated accessible computer systems that meet the needs of people who are visually, physically, hearing or learning disabled.

EVAS created the e-Source Website to provide easy access to information about the Company and its products, support and services. The website also offers access to EVAS web based application programs that can be used to evaluate, manage and purchase Assistive Technology Solutions. EVAS e-Source interactive web-based application programs are on the cutting edge of today's digital information and electronic commerce revolution. The e-Plan and e-Consult programs, two of the power tools on EVAS website, can be used by State or Federal Agencies, Rehab Engineers or Consultants to plan and purchase computer access solutions for consumers with disabilities. Individuals can use EVAS e-Select to configure and purchase computer Assistive Technology Solutions, while e-Price can be used to search through all EVAS products and services, and review their specifications and pricing.

EVAS Dell Xtra Series systems fulfill the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and meet the standards set forth in Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. EVAS has been designated as an ADA Contractor by the GSA and it's Plug & Play Solutions are also recommended by the National Federation of the Blind.




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