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EVAS’ GSA Schedule 70 Contract offers ordering activities access to 504/508 Compliant Integrated Computer-based Assistive Technology Solutions that support the education and rehabilitation of people who are visually, physically, hearing or learning disabled. EVAS’ GSA contract provides access to EVAS Xtra Series Desktop, Notebook and Tablet Computers as well as integration, configuration, testing and support services. When combined with the assistive technology on the contract and the supporting Open Market assistive technology, software, hardware and peripherals available from EVAS, computer-based assistive technology solutions for people with disabilities can be created.

EVAS Easy OCR Software for MS Word 2007/2010/2013

EVAS’ Easy OCR was created to make scanning, recognizing and reading printed material easy for people with low vision or who are blind. No complex programs to configure or learn. EVAS’ Easy OCR works from within Microsoft® Word with a simple click. Easy OCR can use today’s most popular Assistive Technology to access the documents it scans and displays in Word. Now users of JAWS, Window-Eyes or SuperNova Screen Readers can quickly and easily OCR and read printed material, while ZoomText, Magic or SuperNova Magnifier users can scan, magnify and read text and view graphics or pictures.

All of Word’s document handling functions can be used to work with the material created by Easy OCR. Documents can be edited, formatted and saved. The program’s Interface is simple to use and fully accessible with a wide range of scanning and recognizing features. EVAS’ Easy OCR turns a computer with Microsoft® Word into a cost effective and easy to use reading system when combined with appropriate Assistive Technology.

EVAS Easy OCR Features:
► Easy to Learn and Use Cost Effective Reading Solution
► Runs From Inside Microsoft® Word 2007/2010/2013 With a Simple Click
► EVAS’ Accessible User Interface (AUI) Controls Scanning and Recognizing
► Works With JAWS, Window-Eyes and SuperNova Screen Readers
► Works With ZoomText, Magic and SuperNova Magnifier Software
► Quickly and Accurately Scans/Recognizes Text and Graphics
► Easy OCR Handles Complex Documents and Formats
► Batch Feature for Capturing and Importing Multiple Pages
► Quick Spell-Check Feature to Find Errors and Misspellings
► Displays Material in Word in Same Format as Original
► Word’s Document Handling Functions Can Edit or Save Text


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